I’m  just back from Enfield in London where we’ve been filming an advert for Barclays Bank. The ad is going nationwide  very soon so keep your eyes peeled for yours truly starring alongside The Hoff himself, David Hasselhoff.

Had a great time last week, too, working for Guide and Pals (Gloucestershire). They’re great organisations  providing a free and confidential health, social care and disability information service for both the public and  professionals.

I was out with their roadshow, tasked with the very important job of communicating with any gentlemen who passed  by about the importance of regularly checking their undercarriages for signs of testicular cancer. As well as handing  out leaflets, ‘Know Your Balls – Check ’em Out’, I was also asked to promote loft insulation and lagging services.  It’s a strange job sometimes!

Posted on the 9th May 2012