Not one to miss out on a summer festivity, I took myself back off to the City of London at the beginning of August for the Covent Garden Jubilee Market Jamboree. Gosh, what a mouthful!

The jamboree this year had a ‘My Fair Lady’ theme and was descended on by the Pearly Kings and Queens alongside a variety of characters from a bygone era. I, the faithful Town Cryer, had a role to play ringing in the festivities and encouraging everyone to join in the fun and frolics!

It was nothing short of a proper Cockney knees-up! With music, singalongs, food and fun, we all had the most magnificent fun over this two-day event.

What with all the dressing up going on, it got me thinking about my wardrobe of characters. From King Henry VIII to Deluxe Father Christmas, if you want any of them to make an appearance at your event, drop me an email to

PS Fear not, my impersonations cover the nation! The City of Gloucester, The City of London, Manchester and beyond… you name it, I can get one of my fair men there.