This bank holiday weekend Gloucester will open its pedestrian gates for the annual Retro Festival. Each street will be adorned with classic pieces from bygone eras, so roll up, roll up, if vintage is your latest fad, there’s some bargains to be had!

The festival will be full of music, food and fashion, with a wealth of retro classics to see. If you have a particular era in mind, here’s a guide to how the city will look:

  • Westgate Street: 1900s – 1949
  • Northgate Street: 1950s
  • Eastgate Street: 1960s
  • Southgate Street: 1970 – 1980s

I will, of course, be attending the event as a very proud Town Crier so do listen out for my famous ‘Oyez, oyez’ cry as I jolly up support throughout the streets.

The festival is supported by the Tourism Information Centre, alongside the city museums and Guildhall. Local charities will also be attending and showing their support, Gloucester City Council has more information available on the weekend’s activities, here.