Every now and then I like to give the good lady wife some time off, a little bit of r&r if you like, to enjoy the odd lie in or two, pamper herself and catch up on those all-important soaps. When you’ve got a world record breaking voice like mine, you often forget that sometimes people like to have a little peace and quiet.

So, to deliver said tranquilities, my lad and I jetted off to Prague to see what the largest city in the Czech Republic had to offer. And offer it did, with beautiful landscape, a charming old town square and some of the best beer I’ve ever indulged in. Surely it would be rude to have a city break and not sample the local delicacies?

If you’ve ever thought of travelling to Prague I would highly recommend it. And not just for the beer. It really was such an interesting place to explore and, since visiting, I feel like I’ve been bitten by the old travel bug and I’m already itching to get away again.

I’ve been on the interweb doing a bit of research into city breaks (I’m not really a cocktails on the beach man you see) and I quite like the sound of Krakow or Budapest – I might even treat my wife to a few days away. If anyone has any city break destination suggestions (what a mouthful that is) then pop them over to me at alanmyatt@blueyonder.co.uk.

The above picture is me sunning myself in stunning Rome, another of my favourite city break destinations. Pizza, pasta and sunshine, what more could a Town Crier ask for?