Breaking news… the Canterville Ghost has been spotted in the Mall… in fact, there have been numerous sightings of him in Malls nationwide. 

Panic not folks, it’s me, your friendly, old (well, less of the old please!) Town Crier. Yes, I’ve been head-haunted by Mall Shopping Centres to appear as Oscar Wilde’s Canterville Ghost at locations throughout Blighty.

For those of you not familiar with the Canterville Ghost, he was created by Oscar Wilde and is the ghost of a dead nobleman. He allegedly haunted a family that moved into a castle, having murdered his wife and been starved to death by her surviving brothers. A terrifyingly terrific tale to tell this Hallowe’en.

I’ve had magnificent fun playing the part, I love getting into character and embracing the ghostly glamour of the Canterville Ghost. You can catch me in character at various locations, including the Nicholsons Centre in Maidenhead. If you’re looking for a ghoulish guy, festive Father Christmas or terrifying Tudor monarch for your event, drop me a line at to enquire about my array of characters and costings.