I’ll never take freedom for granted again and, while I’m trying to power through the current crisis by looking on the bright side, I’m also looking forward to when things settle down a bit and I can head back to London. I miss seeing all the cheery faces around Camden Market – there’s something just so magical about spending time in the capital.

I love hearing interesting stories from the people I meet, people who come to London every year on their holidays, people who have flown in from far-flung destinations to experience London life, and even locals who love to tell me all about the Camden Market of yesteryear. Somehow everyone seems to know my name, it makes me feel like a celebrity and like I’m being greeted by long-lost friends. And do you know what? After the unfortunate events that have happened in the world lately, this is exactly what I need.

So, although times might be difficult now, I’m looking forward to not only catching up with my dear friends and family but also catching up with the strangers with their cheery smiles, who always take time out of their day to speak to me at Camden Market.