Yes folks, it’s happened, we’re now closer to Christmas than we are the start of the year. With only five months to go until the big fella climbs down your chimney and eats your mince pies, here are my top tips for the festive season. 

  • If you want to hire out a character or toastmaster to put the cherry on the icing of your magical event then do so fast. Us Town Criers get booked up months in advance, and I’ve already taken my first bookings for Christmas 2017.
  • Start the ol’ jolly Christmas shopping early. It might seem like a cliché but there’s nothing like being prepared for the big day. Last year big brands, such as Selfridges, opened their Christmas shops in August – so what are you waiting for?!
  • Stock up on mince pies. This one is an absolute classic, for who doesn’t love a mince pie? You’re almost guaranteed an influx of visitors over the Christmas period, and if there’s one thing visitors will be expecting it’s a good old yuletide mince pie. Waitrose has revealed they’ll have chocolate mince pies on the shelves this year, so you can afford to be a little indulgent.
  • Bag yourself a turkey. Another Myatt masterpiece… like us Town Criers, most respectable butchers start taking their Christmas bookings in advance. If the thought of going cold turkey on turkey this Christmas sends you into a mild panic then start ringing round your local butchers today!

For any Christmas-related queries, and to find out more about my availability over the Christmas period, drop me an email to