Can you believe it’s nearly time to pay those ol’ ‘Peppercorn Rents’ again? Yes in June I’ll be leading the parade around Covent Garden to give a floral thanks to the buildings owned by the prestigious Covent Garden Trust.

So join me on the march on Thursday 22nd June, as we start at the Trust’s office at 4.30pm on the dot! We’ll be marching along to the brass band with our five red apples and five posies of flowers which we give to these remarkable buildings. If you’re new to the Covent Garden Rent Ceremony, below are the buildings we shall be celebrating on this magnificent march:

  • Central Market
  • Bedford Chambers Block
  • The Museums block bounded by Russell Street and Wellington Street
  • A terrace of Georgian houses numbered 25-31 James Street
  • 7, 9 and 10 Floral Street