In these trying times it’s magnificent when businesses are able to expand, and that’s exactly what’s happened to Jack the Chipper! This scrumptious fish and chip shop that resides in Whitechapel (geddit?) has now opened a new branch in Greenwich, and yours truly had the honour of opening it in April.

The chips were super-duper and you can have almost anything you like to go with them. Think calamari, gherkins, fish and the ol’ cockney favourite – jellied eels. For the meat eaters you can tuck into tasty saveloys or gorgeous pies, my belly was definitely full by the time I left! I must also give them a special shout out in recognition of their marketing and branding, which this town crier was extremely impressed with.

It was so lovely to be back in London, especially as so many people said they recognised me from my other stomping ground of Camden Market. If you do happen to be in the Whitechapel area, or you want to find out more about its past, check out the Whitechapel Society’s website – it’s well worth a look.