Deluxe Father Christmas may have a fresh, new look this year… the elves have taken away his tipples and munched through his mince pies, meaning you’ll see a slick St Nick this Christmas (either that or I’ll have to shove some pillows up my jumper!). Yes, the rumours are true, this Town Crier is losing his spare tyre!

I’ve joined the jolly bunch at Slimming World in Northgate Hall and have lost almost a stone in my first week. I’m on a mission to tackle my tum and cut out all the ‘junk’ (not easy when you’re a town crier, you know!) to become a lean, mean town crying machine!

I’m embracing my new diet, eating delicious foods such as salmon, eggs and chicken to keep those pesky pounds at bay. I might have made a small exception for Gloucester Day, but everyone’s allowed a cheat day once in a while. For more information on the success of Gloucester Day, stay tuned for my round-up of the day’s events.

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