You’ve heard of Gloucester, and you’ve no doubt hear of Hogwarts. Well, now let me introduce you to a new concept: Gloswarts.

Yes, on Friday 3rd February we held ‘A Night at Gloswarts’ at our very own Gloucester Cathedral, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This unforgettable experience involved guests being greeted by Professor Dumbledore and meeting some of Gloswarts’ infamous residents.

There was a potions class in the Cathedral crypt, held by Professors snape and McGonnagall, a chance to meet the Hogwarts owls, and the opportunity to show off ones Harry Potter knowledge in a fiendish quiz which distinguished the wizards from the muggles. There were also a few special guests loitering in the cloisters, including Hagrid, AKA me!

In total there was 3 Gloswarts events, all of which sold out. They were so magnificent that even The Dursley’s would have enjoyed them…well, maybe not!