Almost a year, can you believe it? Yes, it’s been nearly a year since we marched round Covent Garden collecting the ‘peppercorn rents’ and I’m so excited to be starring in the leading role again in 2016. On 23rd June we shall be marching to the tune of the brass band to give five red apples and five posies of flowers to the buildings that the Covent Garden Trust owns.

The five properties in question are of course Central Market, Bedford Chambers Block, the Museums block bounded by Russell Street and Wellington Street; a terrace of Georgian houses numbered 25-31 James Street and 7, 9 and 10 Floral Street. The properties are affectionately known as The Protected Lands, which the trust has a 150 year lease on.

So, if you’re in the City of London on the 23rd June, come on over and join me for a day of fun, celebrating this traditional event in style.

Image sourced from the Covent Garden Rent Ceremony 2015.