Every year as the New Year rolls around I always think ‘I must get fitter’ but usually this lasts a few weeks before I slip back into my old ways. But, since I had pneumonia in late 2019, I’ve taken my health much more seriously.

The wonderful NHS patched me up back then and now, in the midst of a global pandemic, we’re all trying our best to stay in check. These days you’ll find me starting my day with a brisk cycle ride round our city. I get to see the best of Gloucester, from the Docks to the park and cathedral, as I take to two wheels for a couple of miles a morning. One of my healthier indulgences is spending time in the steam rooms, and while they’re shut due to COVID-19, I can’t wait till they reopen.

With all this in mind it got me thinking, do you folks have any tips and tricks when it comes to staying healthy? Perhaps you can recommend a series of short walks or a beautiful cycle route we could all try. If you’ve got something to share, you can message me at alanmyatt@blueyonder.co.uk