I’ve been very lucky lately, for I got to be a model for the day. Step back David Beckham and the youth of today, for your very own lean, mean Town Crying machine had a photo shoot alongside none other than Gloucester Rugby’s very own Phil Vickery.

The shoot was taken by Paul Nicholls, who previously worked for the Citizen before setting up his own photography business. It was a magnificent day and a reminder of why we should support our local businesses.

Most of my pictures these days tend to involve me dressing up as one of my great characters, and while I love that, it was great to see some shots of me in my natural habitat dressed as Town Crier. Paul Nicholls was a true gent to work with, giving yours truly this tantalising testimonial:

“When I think of Gloucester I think one person who in my opinion is Mr Gloucester. He is tireless in his promotion of the city, a larger than life character and nice bloke – Gloucester Town Crier, Alan Myatt.”

I have the utmost admiration for Paul’s photography skills, for more information on his work, including prices and information on how to hire him, you can visit his website here.