Unfortunately – despite being double jabbed – I caught Covid back in July. Thankfully, I experienced only mild symptoms, but I was worried as I was in hospital with pneumonia a few years back.

I have no idea where I caught Covid. I’m always extremely careful about handwashing and masks but, as it’s so easily transmitted, I’m so glad I have been vaccinated. I took the whole ordeal extremely seriously, I isolated for ten days, had food left outside the spare bedroom door and made sure I stayed well away from the other members of my household.

If I can tell you one thing, I would say get vaccinated! Being fully jabbed really does save lives, and I’ve no doubt I would have suffered much more if I hadn’t had both my doses of the vaccine. I do have a relative who didn’t get vaccinated and is now suffering with a damaged lung, following a nasty bought of Covid. So, roll up, roll up, and get jabbed!