I can’t tell you how proud I was to take part in a top-secret parade from Gloucester to Tewkesbury to commemorate the life of Queen Margaret of Anjou. She was married to Henry VI and led the Lancastrian Army from Gloucester to Tewkesbury to face King Edward IV.

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival wanted to commemorate this occasion by re-enacting the scenes, and I was immensely proud to take part. Donned in my medieval blue and white robes I was part of the parade alongside over 50 mounted knights who rode from Gloucester to Tewkesbury.

Wary of creating crowds in these Covid times, we didn’t publicise the parade in advance. Somehow it made it a little more special, as people saw a ‘surprise’ medieval parade passing through the town! 

Gloucestershire Live managed to capture it all in its full glory!