A couple of Christmases or so ago, I Channelled my inner Kate Moss and had a lovely, festive photo shoot. I know what you’re thinking, and I can wholeheartedly confirm it was no Calendar Girls premier. Instead it was all about DFC: the Deluxe Father Christmas.

I always find this season a funny ol’ time of year, as I stomp through WH Smiths and the like and see my face peering back at me from the Christmas card stand. So beware shoppers, I’ll be watching you this Christmas!

Talking of WH Smiths and Christmas, there was talk this week of them beginning to close stores as they become one of the latest names finding it hard to stay afloat on the high street. Take this as your friendly Town Crier reminder for the season of goodwill, please shop on our high streets this season and purchase from our lovely, local shops. Don’t let those online giants win!