It’s been a busy old time for me lately so apologies for the lack of news updates! I led the parade for Gloucester Pride, took part in the St George’s Tide event and opened a new branch of Specsavers in Oxford. Plus I also announced the name of the latest edition to the royal family – Princess Charlotte!

And, of course, June is the month when the annual Covent Garden Rent Ceremony takes place and I was honoured to lead the procession around the piazza last week. Here’s a photo of last year’s event which has been kindly supplied by the Covent Garden Area Trust and is copyright Sheila Burnett.

Upcoming Events

But the fun doesn’t stop there because some of the greatest events are yet to come. We have the Sheriffs Assize of Ale coming up in September, a whopping £1500 was raised for charity at this event last year and we are hoping for a similar outcome this time around too.