I always look forward to summer every year. No matter what the weather is like, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to put a smile on my face – Gloucester Carnival. As sausage goes with mash, and fish goes with chips, me and Gloucester Carnival are intertwined with an inseparable bond!

I led the procession, as I do every year, which started from the bottom of Westgate Street and headed through the city to Gloucester Park. I’m always so honoured to lead such a magnificent parade, every year I’m more and more dazzled with the vibrant costumes and colours the floats are adorned with.

It rather reminded me of the Covent Garden Rent Ceremony in June. I led the procession there round the city of London to the tune of the marching band. Talking of marching, it was not in short supply in Gloucester this year, everyone gave their all as we marched to the park. With so much effort, I can rather imagine it was tough for the judges to crown their winner this year. So, an especially HUGE congratulations goes to Empire Windrush, who won the best community float. I image they were over the moon!