I may have teased you all somewhat in my last blog post, but I can now do the big reveal… drum roll please! I was asked to take part in a social media campaign by none other than Disney!

Yes, the creators of Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck and Pirates of the Caribbean asked if I could help to cheer up the nation and give London a much needed boost, and of course I was delighted to take part. The campaign, #friendlikelondon, was designed to cheer up the City of London following the recent bad events the capital has experienced, and I was only too willing to don my Town Crying uniform for the occasion.

Making the video was tremendous fun, I even got to ring my Town Crier bell in time to the music! I’m extremely excited to see the final version and have my own little singalong at home to the feel-good beat. I think the video will have a magnificent impact on London, I challenge you to watch it without smiling!

You can find out more about the campaign from Disney’s Facebook page, here.