I have some rather exciting news on the blog this very morning. For over the bank holiday I was in the city of London working with none other than global ‘Dilly Dilly’ brand, Bud Light. Yes, your famous Town Crier has only gone and added ‘Dilly Dilly’ to his repertoire of cries!

It’s a controversial topic you know, for the phrase ‘Dilly Dilly’ has reportedly been banned from this year’s Masters tournament. It comes as part of a new initiative to try and crackdown on hecklers, but fear not beer dwellers for Bud Light has come up with an ingenious way to ensure you can still take that famous phrase to this year’s celebrations. It comes in the form of a tee shirt.

You may not be able to utter the phrase, but there’s nothing to stop you wearing a tee shirt brandishing those immortal words. Bud Light is such a fun brand to work for and I most enjoyed my time working with them in the city of London and, of course, enjoying a tipple or two, naturally for work purposes only!