Can you believe a coronation took part in our very own cathedral? I’m not talking of the ‘street’ variety with a visit from Ena Sharples and Deirdre Barlow, this was a coronation of the royal kind don’t you know. This year marks the 800th anniversary of the coronation of King Henry III, which took place in our very own Gloucester Cathedral.

The year was 1216 and 9 year old prince Henry was crowned at Gloucester Cathedral, known as St Peter’s Abbey at the time. This was, in fact, the last time a British monarch was crowned outside of Westminster Abbey in London.

To celebrate this remarkable piece of history I joined the re-enactment of this medieval event, playing the herald trumpet to lead the procession. My delightful duties didn’t end there, for I cheered our new king on, carrying a mighty ‘eavy cross into the cathedral.

This rewarding re-enactment was part of the Gloucester History Festival which runs from 3-18th September.

Image credit: BBC News