You may not automatically consider Town Crying to be an occupation requiring confidentiality and the ability to be reticent, but there’s a stealthy art to this vocation, make no mistake.

I’ll admit I am a rather loud chap, championed by my 112.8 decibel award-winning cry, but there’s many a secret I have to keep in this business. Only this week I was contacted by a primetime TV talent show requesting my services in the City of London but, as Mr Bond says, if I told you any more I’d have to kill you. Only joking, us town criers are seldom flexible enough for any 007 action!

I’ve been working on another mysterious gig in London that I’ve been keeping hush hush too. A well-known watch retailer and I have been collaborating on some work at a well-known London landmark. I can’t say anymore than that yet, but I’ll be letting the cat out of the bag shortly – just watch this space!

With all of these undercover missions I’ve been on, anyone would think I’ve been in training for joining MI5!

P.S – spoiler alert – I’m going to be officiating at another royal event in the coming weeks. Keep checking the ol’ blog for updates and clues on which royal will be attending.