Ho Ho Ho and Happy New Year to you all, and what a busy one it’s shaping up to be. I’ve not had a spare minute to myself lately – with all the Christmas festivities and the like, I’ve been rushed off my feet.

It was a particularly busy December for the old Deluxe Father Christmas, who had appointments left, right and centre throughout the month. From turning on Christmas lights to taking details of wish lists from excited children, it really was a bumper year in the yuletide stakes. The most popular toy requests have been Thomas the Tank Engine and Elsa from Frozen, I still get lots of requests for train sets too! But then who doesn’t love playing with a train set on Christmas day?

I must say, this year looks set to be a good one, I’ve got lots to look forward to both in Gloucester and the City of London. I’ll be leading the parade at the annual Covent Garden Rent Ceremony at the start of summer, a great chance to march round the city to the beat of a great jazz band. I’ll definitely be popping up here and there in Stables Market too, my city stomping ground for over 20 years now!

Talking of this year, remember to check in with the blog now and again to see what I’ve got planned for 2016!

Image credit: Gloucestershire Echo