You may have heard of the Grand Tour, perhaps you’ve cruised down Route 66, but coming to a radio station near you this summer is… Barton to Barton: my road tour of the Bartons!

Yes, me and Mark Cummings, from BBC Radio Gloucester, embarked on a quest to visit all the Bartons in the local area. Not sure what a Barton is? Look no further. We’re talking streets, of course! We started nice and local with Barton Street in Gloucester – home to One Eyed Jacks and Khan’s Kebabs, for those of you who enjoy our night scene – and toured around Gloucestershire to find the other Barton Streets.

It was a most interesting tour, we even went to the riverside market town of Tewksbury. I do love Tewkesbury. For those of you looking for interesting Barton facts, I can in fact confirm that there is a Barton in both Oxfordshire and the City of London.

For all you early birds out there, the highlights of our Barton to Barton tour will be airing on 27th August at 5am.