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Sending our condolences to Pieter Schuijn

As in any profession, I’m sure, it’s always a sad day when you lose one of your own. And that sad day came for me mid-April when it was announced Pieter Schuijn, Town Crier of Hattem, Netherlands, had died. 

After […]

Gloucester Tall Ships Festival

This weekend marks the Tall Ships Festival in Gloucester. Now in its 10th year, it’s promised to be bigger and better than ever before, so watch this space!

Thousands of people are expected to come flocking in from far and […]

Coming soon: Camden Market Museum

Roll up! Roll up! Coming soon to our fair Camden Market is a museum like no other. Yes, while many people thought this was an April Fool when I released this on social media last month, it is actually […]

Rocking around the lock

I think I recently told you folk about my new gig in Camden Market, where I appear most weekends. Well you can only imagine my joy when I bumped into some long lost friends in this very spot.

The picture […]

Gathering at Gloucester Cathedral

In March the world learned the horror that another terrorist attack had been carried out. This time it was in New Zealand, and to show solidarity with the people who suffered in Christchurch we gathered at Gloucester Cathedral to […]

Living life to the full

I’ll let you into a little secret, readers. I like to start my day off reciting a verse or two from the bible. I feel it’s a good way to get me set up for the day. As time […]

The first Sunday of Lent

Traditionally, Lent is the time of year when we give up out favourite goodies. Putting our self control to the test as we attempt to go a whole forty days and forty nights without caving in. Whether you’re giving […]

Happy birthday Vinyl Vital Signs

I want to say a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to Vinyl Vital Signs at Eastgate Market. The shop, which specialises in vinyl records, posters and collectables, turned two at the beginning of March.

For those who haven’t stumbled upon this magnificent […]

Bringing Olympus back to life

The New Olympus Theatre in Barton Street is set to get a new lease of life. I couldn’t be happier to write this, as this fabulous old building is certainly deserving of a 21st century makeover.

I’m sure plenty of […]

A musical extravaganza

Gloucester Music Festival presents two musical events you simply won’t want to miss. Both will be held in St Mary de Crypt Church in Southgate Street so here’s everything you need to know:

The View From The Stars

Sue Ferrers […]