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Meeting and greeting in London

As you can imagine, a large part of my job is meeting and greeting people, especially when I’m at Camden Market. Recently, I’ve been meeting a lot of Americans, and I must say I’ve been absolutely loving hearing stories […]

Happy New Year!

Well, well, well, just like that it’s 2022! I’ve had a busy ol’ Christmas period but your favourite Town Crier has brought you a new series of blog posts for the New Year – you could say I’m back […]

I’m booking up fast gang!

As the world starts to open up again, I’m excited to take on more and more bookings. It feels like we’re really beginning to come out of this pandemic now, and while there might still be a long way […]

Gloucester History Festival 2021

Returning from its online format in 2020, Gloucester History festival is back with a bang in 2021! This year’s theme is frontiers and pioneers, and the festival is running from 4th-19th September.

You can expect the celebration of important battles, […]

The inauguration ceremony for the mock mayor

While the mock mayor parade takes part during Gloucester Day, I was proud to attend an emotional inauguration ceremony for the new mock mayor of Gloucester, Hash Norat, on 1st September.

The event took part at The Friendship Cafe and, […]

Swimmin’ and steamin’

In a world where we’re all trying to stay as fit and healthy as possible, I thought I’d let you in on my little secret for staying well. I love nothing better than a good swim and a spell […]

Oh, I do love a good wedding

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? I had the pleasure of attending my nephew’s wedding recently and I had the most magnificent time.

It was lovely to catch up with friends and family and see my nephew and his wife […]

Looking forward to Gloucester Day and the Retro Festival

There are two wonderful events happening in our city soon and I simply cannot wait! Following a one-year hiatus, Gloucester’s Retro Festival will be taking place on Saturday 28th August, and one week later we’ll all be celebrating Gloucester […]

I’m loving being back at Camden Market

I am simply loving being back at Camden Market for two days a week. There’s just so much going on there and I thrive on the buzz of the ol’ cockney vibe. It’s about to get even more exciting, […]

Come on Britain, let’s get jabbed!

Unfortunately – despite being double jabbed – I caught Covid back in July. Thankfully, I experienced only mild symptoms, but I was worried as I was in hospital with pneumonia a few years back.

I have no idea where I […]