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Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! The pubs are back open today!

As an ambassador of the great British high street and a firm believer in shopping local, it’ll come as no surprise how excited I was when our drinking establishments were given the green light to reopen. Yes, we’re lucky […]

Working with the big brands in London

It’s so easy to dwell on what a bad lot 2020 has dealt us so far, but I’m trying to look at things in an altogether different way. I’m trying to be positive! So, today I’m having a little […]

I’m still supporting the young’uns

Back in September I wrote this blog post about supporting the younger generation at Camden Market. Well, such a lot has happened this year and it got me thinking about how much support we should be giving the younger […]

A year of no marching!

Well, I can’t believe it. This is the first year in a very long time that I won’t be leading the procession around Covent Garden to pay the annual peppercorn rents. For this year’s Covent Garden Rent Ceremony has […]

Shouting loudly and proudly at Camden Market

Your friendly ol’ Town Crier has missed stomping around London for three days per week, crying about all the wonderful things you can do and see at the Camden Market. When the lockdown started and I, like everyone else, […]

Sending my condolences to Alexander Ivanovich Suscenko

I was recently informed about the death of Alexander Ivanovich Suscenko’s mum, and wish to send all my condolences to his family at this sad time. She was a lovely lady with so many fascinating stories to tell.

For those […]

Two years since our Warrior Queen re-enactment

It’s another turn-back-time today, or #TBT as the youngsters say! This time, I’m turning the clock back to June 2018, when I took part in the Warrior Queen Aethelfled re-enactment in Gloucester. The actual event took place 1100 years […]

Celebrating Volunteer Week

I mentioned a while ago that I’m a volunteer for Gloucester City Mission and while I’ve not been able to help out due to the pandemic, I can’t wait for the time I’ll be able to walk back through […]

Less than 20 weeks till Santa!

I love putting together these kind of countdowns in June! For half of us it’s scary, and for the other half it’s so very exciting! At the time of writing this, there are 17 weeks to go until the […]

A King Henry VIII-shaped blast from the past!

As with almost everything in life, there are positives and negatives when it comes to social media. I must say it took an old chap like me a while to get my head around it but these days I’m […]