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Gloucester History Festival 2021

Returning from its online format in 2020, Gloucester History festival is back with a bang in 2021! This year’s theme is frontiers and pioneers, and the festival is running from 4th-19th September.

You can expect the celebration of important battles, […]

The inauguration ceremony for the mock mayor

While the mock mayor parade takes part during Gloucester Day, I was proud to attend an emotional inauguration ceremony for the new mock mayor of Gloucester, Hash Norat, on 1st September.

The event took part at The Friendship Cafe and, […]

Swimmin’ and steamin’

In a world where we’re all trying to stay as fit and healthy as possible, I thought I’d let you in on my little secret for staying well. I love nothing better than a good swim and a spell […]

Oh, I do love a good wedding

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? I had the pleasure of attending my nephew’s wedding recently and I had the most magnificent time.

It was lovely to catch up with friends and family and see my nephew and his wife […]

Looking forward to Gloucester Day and the Retro Festival

There are two wonderful events happening in our city soon and I simply cannot wait! Following a one-year hiatus, Gloucester’s Retro Festival will be taking place on Saturday 28th August, and one week later we’ll all be celebrating Gloucester […]

I’m loving being back at Camden Market

I am simply loving being back at Camden Market for two days a week. There’s just so much going on there and I thrive on the buzz of the ol’ cockney vibe. It’s about to get even more exciting, […]

Come on Britain, let’s get jabbed!

Unfortunately – despite being double jabbed – I caught Covid back in July. Thankfully, I experienced only mild symptoms, but I was worried as I was in hospital with pneumonia a few years back.

I have no idea where I […]

Where will you see Henry VIII this year?

One of my favourite characters to play is King Henry VIII. I love getting into full costume and becoming everyone’s favourite Tudor King. I have been so lucky with the corporate gigs I’ve taken him to in the past, […]

A top-secret parade to commemorate Queen Margaret of Anjou

I can’t tell you how proud I was to take part in a top-secret parade from Gloucester to Tewkesbury to commemorate the life of Queen Margaret of Anjou. She was married to Henry VI and led the Lancastrian Army […]

Book now for Christmas!

Do you know what? My phone has not stopped ringing. And when I answer it, it’s usually the C word that’s mentioned – Christmas! Yes, I’m nearly booked up folks, so if you want me for a Christmas party, […]