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Becoming a member of the Imperial Household

I’ve done a few proclamations recently as Town Crier for the Imperial Crown Council of Ethiopia, as instructed by their Special Envoy, Philip Bonn. He’s a most fascinating man with a story or two to tell, and I’m always […]

Supporting the City of London’s history

I’m a lover of London and a lover of history, so it’s only fitting that the two together would generate much interest in this ol’ Town Crier. Today, I’m giving a shout out to the Whitechapel Society, an organisation […]

Celebrating our unsung heroes

The recent death of Captain Tom and the continuing pandemic has got me thinking all about those people we should celebrate more. For example, the people who empty our bins, our local shop staff, and couriers who deliver our […]

We salute you Captain Tom

I was extremely sad to learn of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore, the centenarian who lifted the spirits of our nation and raised a whopping £39 million for our wonderful NHS. It’s remarkable to think that a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I do so love Valentine’s Day. And this year it really has arrived at the perfect time. We need to spread love and cheer now more than ever, so take this opportunity to really spoil your loved ones!
Of course, […]

Six curious Camden Market facts

I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but I cannot wait to get back to the city of London when it’s safe to do so! There’s just something magical about Town Crying in the capital, […]

Promoting Great Britain

With news of the pandemic taking over, it’s important not to forget that another momentous event happened as the clocks struck midnight on New Year’s Day. Yes, after years of negotiations, Britain finally left the European Union.
While I know […]

New(ish!) Year, new(ish!) me

Every year as the New Year rolls around I always think ‘I must get fitter’ but usually this lasts a few weeks before I slip back into my old ways. But, since I had pneumonia in late 2019, I’ve […]

Virtual success for the Deluxe Father Christmas

Like many people I was unsure what Christmas 2020 would be like. Towards the end of the year, the Deluxe Father Christmas normally begins to defrost, ready to bring cheer to children across the UK. With Christmas 2020 looking […]

Hello Knightsbridge

It’s rather exciting news I’m sharing with you today folks, your one and only friendly Town Crier has been invited to work for a new corporate client in Knightsbridge. Yes, alongside my regular spot at Camden Market, I’ll also […]