One of my favourite characters to play is King Henry VIII. I love getting into full costume and becoming everyone’s favourite Tudor King. I have been so lucky with the corporate gigs I’ve taken him to in the past, which has got me thinking about where he might pop up next!

You might have seen Henry VIII at the Trinity House book launch back in 2013, or maybe at the Tudor Banquet with Nectar, or perhaps you remember him as the spooky Henry VIII at Covent Garden for Halloween 2017.

He didn’t stop there either! He’s popped up at Letchworth Vintage Festival and even went on a tour of the UK for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

After 18 months of lockdown, he’s itching to get back out again into the corporate world – if you have an event you’d like him to appear at then drop me an email to

Of course, I’m not a one-trek pony and I’ve got a plethora of characters just waiting to come out! So, if your event is more suited to my Victorian Policeman, Deluxe Father Christmas or military Sergeant Baker, let me know!

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