2021 will mark the 550th anniversary of Margaret of Anjou and Gloucester’s contribution to Yorkist success at the Battle of Tewkesbury. To mark such a momentous occasion, there are plans afoot to construct a replica of the city gates.

If you haven’t heard her name mentioned before, Margaret of Anjou was married to King Henry VI, and was Queen of England. She ruled the kingdom and led it into a civil conflict that spanned three decades, with one of the bloodiest battles, The Battle of Tewkesbury, ending in the death of her own son.

Famously, Anjou and her troops were turned away from the city at the South Gate of Gloucester, which many claim was decisive in deciding the results of the battle and overall war. To mark the turning away of Anjou, a week-long festival in the city is on the cards. And there’s a rather key element to this…

Yes, we want to bring back the famous South Gate, a reconstruction to provide a backdrop and performance space for celebration activities. Wonderful local teams including Marketing Gloucester and Gloucester BID are currently working on the case, so watch this space for further details.

Image courtesy of Jason IJ Smith