Help was at hand last Tuesday for all the lovely folk of Gloucester who were thinking of nipping the cigarette habit in the bud. Yes, for one day only, No Smoking Day came to town.

Gloucester NHS Stop Smoking Service staff set up camp in Merrywalk Shopping Centre in Stroud for the morning, while I patrolled the city streets of Gloucester encouraging people to visit our very own Quit Stop Shop in Southgate Street.

Anyone who quits smoking with the service will receive a free ‘quit kit’ when they first quit to help them persevere with their new no-smoking lifestyle. But hurry – they’re only available while stocks last!

Unfortunately, we had terrifically bad weather, with lashings of rain. We persevered in true British spirit and we were awarded with a break in the weather so we were able to get a spiffing photo of the day, which I’ve included above!