Can you believe that we are now in December? I just do not know where this year has gone. As I was scrolling through the old blog this morning I realised that I’ve been so busy telling you all about my big city ramblings, that I’ve neglected to mention much about what’s been happening on home turf. And if there’s one event that I need to tell you about, it’s the Festive Lantern Parade, one of my favourite evenings of the year. 

This year, it took place on 19th November and we marched from Kimbrose Triangle to Gloucester Cathedral showcasing the magnificent lanterns that children from across the county had created. Of course, the lantern parade marks the switch on of our city’s lights, and as we marched the creations through the streets the Christmas lights illuminated as we passed.

I must make a special shout out to all the schools which took part this year, making fantastic creations for our annual parade. Below you’ll find each school that contributed alongside the wonderful lantern they created:

•  Robinswood Primary- Cinderella

•  Whitminster Endowed C of E Primary School – Hansel and Gretel

•  Harewood Junior Harewood Close – Jack and the Beanstalk

•  Calton Primary – Pied Piper

•  Kingsway Primary – Mother Goose

•  Coney Hill Primary School – Aladdin

Image credit: Gloucestershire Live