Can you believe this was almost four months ago? That’s how busy my Town Crying life has become – I almost forgot to write about one of my favourite ceremonies on my very own blog. I’m hanging my head in shame. I will tell you, though, this year’s Covent Garden Rent Ceremony was one of my favourites yet.

It’s something I always look forward to in June, heading over to Covent Garden in the City of London to pay the peppercorn rents for the ancient properties we annually give thanks for. Talking of thanks, I must pay tribute to the glorious weather we’ve had this year – it was magnificent to see London bathed in sunshine.

The ceremony started at 4.30pm on Thursday 21st June from our meeting point on King’s Street. We marched to the tune of the famous brass band as we gave thanks for the remarkable buildings we celebrate every year.

To find out more about this year’s ceremony, and to scoop any hot-off-the press news about next year’s event, please visit the Covent Garden Area Trust’s website, here.