I’m a lover of London and a lover of history, so it’s only fitting that the two together would generate much interest in this ol’ Town Crier. Today, I’m giving a shout out to the Whitechapel Society, an organisation which was set up to study the famous murders of Jack the Ripper.  

Over the years the society has grown, and now includes many experts of Victorian and Edwardian East End life. They hold many events and tours (Covid permitting), and are currently holding Zoom meetings in which they share vast information about how London’s East End has developed and evolved over the years. You can pick the brains of these specialists, and you’ll find many have written exciting books on the subject of East End London. 

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Ian Parson (pre-Covid), one of the members of the Whitechapel Society, and can echo what a magnificent organisation this is. Ian is a talented author who has not only written about Whitechapel but has also turned his hand to fiction and romantic comedies. You can find Ian’s latest book, Make or Break in Marrakesh, on Amazon (and local bookstores when they reopen!).