I can’t help but hum ‘Rule, Britannia’ over and over in my head when I read anything about Brexit. I think it’s the strong patriotism within me. Sometimes I even find myself inhaling big breaths of air and belting it out as I stride around Town Crier HQ. For here, on our small island, our culture, industry and heritage are simply unique.

From our traditional pastimes of mining and farming, to our modern day technological marvels, I feel passionate about being British. I love the monarchy and everything it’s given us through history. I love our quirky museums celebrating everything from dinosaurs and science to antique chairs and lawnmowers, and most of all I love our adoration of good food. We know how to rustle up some comfort food on a cold winter day. Think of the good old British staples – fish and chips, a full English breakfast and, the jewel in the crown, a roast dinner.

So, whether you live in the City of London or you’re a country bumpkin out in the sticks, why not let me know what you love most about the quirky bunch of countries that make up our Britain? I’m talking culture, traditions (Morris Dancing, anyone?), history and heritage, the more idiosyncratic the better. Come on Britain, your Town Crier needs you!