If you’ve been a long-term resident of the city of Gloucester, you’ll be familiar with plans for the King’s Quarter and, at its heart, King’s Square. Once a bustling water fountain for children to step through, it has long been a rather lonely expanse just waiting for a new lease of life.

And a new lease of life it shall get! There has recently been a public consultation in the city about the regeneration of this part of town and I spent three days doing what I do best – promoting Gloucester! I promoted the consultation in town and then spent a day each in King’s Walk Shopping Centre and Eastgate Shopping Centre.

There have been grand plans released, which includes the reintroduction of some form of water fountain and an announcement of a creative workspace and a gallery. You can find more information on the proposed plans for the King’s Quarter on the Gloucestershire Live website. Keep an eye out here, too, for the developing plans for our great city.

Image credit: Gloucestershire Live