Last month marked the 27th annual Covent Garden Rent Ceremony and I was thrilled to lead the procession around the piazza, accompanied by the Covent Garden Chairman and Trustees. We marched to the music of the mighty Covent Garden Marching Band to pay the “peppercorn rents” of five apples and five floral bouquets for the five properties that the trust has a 150 year headlease on.

The swinging jazz music from the Covent Garden Marching Band could be heard for miles, as they celebrated their 18th year of involvement in the ceremony; and what a fabulous 18 years it’s been too! Trumpets, cornets, reeds, trombones and drums all boomed across London as we paraded down the piazza to celebrate this remarkable tradition. Above is a photo from the previous ceremony showing the band in action, kindly provided by the Covent Garden Area Trust.

Wishing you were there to witness this magnificent event? Alas, worry no more, you can see snippets of the day on the old YouTube, filmed by Peter Butler, Editor and Proprietor of Jazz & Jazz. Remember to look out for my trumpet solo too! Here’s the link.