At the beginning of the month I attended the wonderful Fitfest, to celebrate fitness in Hitchin. I had a whale of a time, what with face painting, festival food and of course celebrating with the England Netball Association. I certainly needed a lie down after attending this jolly old day!

In February next year, the England Netball Association will be 90 years old. 90 years old? Now just where has that time gone? The lovely people at the England Netball Association are currently looking for memories and pictures of players, umpires and spectators for a project they are working on. Think you can help? Give me (or them) a bell.

Now I must give a shout out to the wonderful people at Barncroft Gardens, for letting us celebrate this festival in their beautiful gardens. From boxing and personal training to yoga and meditation there was a wide range of activities to keep us all fit and healthy. The rumbling tum was satisfied by delicious food from the health conscious team. There was even a raffle – now who doesn’t love a good raffle? Keep those eyes peeled for next year’s event… it’s even free to get in!