If you’re a resident of our fair ol’ City of Gloucester, you’ll know Eastgate Market as a staple part of our city’s culture. But can you believe it’s been in its current location for fifty years? That’s half a century, and that’s definitely something to celebrate. 

And if there’s one thing you need at a celebration like this, it’s a cake. Decorated with sweets, coffee cups and fish, the cake was a nod to the stall holders who currently trade in our indoor market, and with a birthday like the ‘big five oh’ it was only right for the celebrations to last all week.

 The last week of October was dedicated to celebrating the fabulous Eastgate Market, and what a wonderful time we had. From memory books to music from the 60s and afternoon tea, it was all going on. I had a particularly great time pretending to be the drummer from The Beatles – Ringo Starr, eat your heart out!