You might not know it, but I am a man of many eras. I imagine it’s down to my ability to don a variety of outfits and become any number of characters from my plethora of personalities. So, when I heard about the Vintage Festival in Letchworth, I knew I had to attend.

But not as your regular Town Crier, Alan Myatt. No, I dug out one of my famous characters for this event and ruled the streets as none other than my Victorian Policeman. You see, this particular festival was created to give a sense of nostalgia to the town. We all travelled back in time to see the flappers of the roaring 20s and the jivers of the 50s. It was a festival to celebrate anyone from any era, and if there’s one thing I don’t miss, it’s the chance to dress up and enthuse about the ‘good old days’.

Taking place in Letchworth town centre over the last weekend in July, there really was something for everyone, with top tips on vintage hair styles to dance classes and classic car exhibitions. My Victorian policeman went down a storm – someone else who always goes down a storm at events is my Henry VIII character. Check out his credentials (aside from his six wives) and see how he could be the perfect addition to your event, here.