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It’s official: I just can’t keep quiet!

You may have heard in the local rag that this year’s town criers’ competition was to be held silently. Well, I just couldn’t believe it! As a man with an award-winning voice, I’m not usually one to be silenced!
Of […]

Henry VIII is back on the road

A momentous occasion in the easing of lockdown, I can finally announce that my Henry VIII character is back on the road! Yes, he’ll be appearing in Dunstable on Saturday 15th May, and I cannot wait to get back […]

Jack the Chipper is officially open!

In these trying times it’s magnificent when businesses are able to expand, and that’s exactly what’s happened to Jack the Chipper! This scrumptious fish and chip shop that resides in Whitechapel (geddit?) has now opened a new branch in […]

St Oswald’s Priory set to be transformed

Alongside last week’s magnificent news that Westgate Street is going to be revived thanks to government funding, I’m excited to announce that conservation work will begin any day on St Oswald’s Priory.
The works being carried out include placing turf […]

Regenerating Westgate Street

Well, there’s no bigger advocate of the great British high street than me! ‘Use them or lose them’ I always say, and my mantra has never been stronger. You can only imagine how thrilled I was to learn that […]

Becoming a member of the Imperial Household

I’ve done a few proclamations recently as Town Crier for the Imperial Crown Council of Ethiopia, as instructed by their Special Envoy, Philip Bonn. He’s a most fascinating man with a story or two to tell, and I’m always […]

Supporting the City of London’s history

I’m a lover of London and a lover of history, so it’s only fitting that the two together would generate much interest in this ol’ Town Crier. Today, I’m giving a shout out to the Whitechapel Society, an organisation […]

Celebrating our unsung heroes

The recent death of Captain Tom and the continuing pandemic has got me thinking all about those people we should celebrate more. For example, the people who empty our bins, our local shop staff, and couriers who deliver our […]

We salute you Captain Tom

I was extremely sad to learn of the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore, the centenarian who lifted the spirits of our nation and raised a whopping £39 million for our wonderful NHS. It’s remarkable to think that a […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I do so love Valentine’s Day. And this year it really has arrived at the perfect time. We need to spread love and cheer now more than ever, so take this opportunity to really spoil your loved ones!
Of course, […]