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Attending the AJ100

Last month I attended the AJ100 at the Tower of London, for those of you who haven’t heard of this event, it’s a gala dinner and awards ceremony in recognition of some of the largest architectural practices in the […]

Will we ever leave the EU?

It’s a question that’s been on my mind a lot lately, will we stay or will we go? Whatever the outcome, I’m backing Britain.

A friend of mine posted a photo to me on the ol’ Facebook to tell me […]

St George’s Day service at Gloucester Cathedral

I’m very passionate about marking occasions, and St George’s Day is no different. This year, as it was such a sunny day, I donned my Freemans Robes for the service at Gloucester Cathedral.

Not one to normally miss out on […]

Oh, when the scouts come marching in

If there’s one thing (and actually, there are many!) I love about being a Town Crier, it’s that you get to meet so many new people. The old, the young, and everyone in-between.

I had a magnificent time when I […]

Collaborating with Naked Dough

Don’t panic – this post absolutely does not feature me in the buff. It’s actually all about tasty treats, and if there’s one place you can guarantee a good ‘un, it’s Naked Dough.

Based in Camden Market and Westfield, Naked […]

Sending our condolences to Pieter Schuijn

As in any profession, I’m sure, it’s always a sad day when you lose one of your own. And that sad day came for me mid-April when it was announced Pieter Schuijn, Town Crier of Hattem, Netherlands, had died. 

After […]

Gloucester Tall Ships Festival

This weekend marks the Tall Ships Festival in Gloucester. Now in its 10th year, it’s promised to be bigger and better than ever before, so watch this space!

Thousands of people are expected to come flocking in from far and […]

Coming soon: Camden Market Museum

Roll up! Roll up! Coming soon to our fair Camden Market is a museum like no other. Yes, while many people thought this was an April Fool when I released this on social media last month, it is actually […]

Rocking around the lock

I think I recently told you folk about my new gig in Camden Market, where I appear most weekends. Well you can only imagine my joy when I bumped into some long lost friends in this very spot.

The picture […]

Gathering at Gloucester Cathedral

In March the world learned the horror that another terrorist attack had been carried out. This time it was in New Zealand, and to show solidarity with the people who suffered in Christchurch we gathered at Gloucester Cathedral to […]