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Feeling ‘all shook up’

I am disappointed to tell you that something nasty happened to me right on home turf. Back in November, as I was leaving a talk in Gloucester I was accosted by three youths who tried to steal my tricorn […]

My annual review: 2018

Well, well, well. It’s that time of year again. Get ready to sing auld lang syne (which way do the arms go again?) and neck a few nightcaps, for it’s time to welcome in 2019.

I always tend to get […]

Meetin’ ’n’ greetin’ on Broadway

Following my post dedicated to Armistice Day last week, I thought it only right to mention the absolute privilege I had to host and compere at the Broadway Theatre in Lewisham.
 I performed in the guise of Sergeant Barker, my […]

Launching the Poppy Appeal

November is always a bittersweet time of year for me. On the one hand, you have the build up to Christmas – the anticipation of festivities, spiced coffees, mince pies and goodwill to all men, but we cannot forget […]

50 years of Eastgate Market

If you’re a resident of our fair ol’ City of Gloucester, you’ll know Eastgate Market as a staple part of our city’s culture. But can you believe it’s been in its current location for fifty years? That’s half a […]

Christmas on repeat

Deluxe Father Christmas is very much in demand this year, and I could not be happier. Of course, December is traditionally his busy time, but this year he has received a lot of repeat bookings. It seems he made […]

Returning to the newly named Camden Market!

What with this, that and the other, I’ve been a busy old bee and haven’t told you lovely lot much about my recent jaunts to London. I’ve not been to Camden Market in particular for a while but I […]

Unveiling a portrait of…me!

Last month I celebrated my 30th birthday. Stop the sniggering, I really did! It was my 30th year as the Town Crier of Gloucester and I celebrated in style. I was invited to Gloucester Museum to unveil a fantastic […]

The King’s Quarter

If you’ve been a long-term resident of the city of Gloucester, you’ll be familiar with plans for the King’s Quarter and, at its heart, King’s Square. Once a bustling water fountain for children to step through, it has long […]

Modelling the Deluxe Father Christmas

A couple of Christmases or so ago, I Channelled my inner Kate Moss and had a lovely, festive photo shoot. I know what you’re thinking, and I can wholeheartedly confirm it was no Calendar Girls premier. Instead it was […]