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Gloucester Santa Fun Run

Nothing quite screams ‘Christmas’ like a group of rounded imposter Santas running through the streets of Gloucester! Yes, this year our very own city is hosting its first ever Santa Fun Run, organised by members of the Rotary Club […]

Gloucester Lantern Parade

Can you believe that we are now in December? I just do not know where this year has gone. As I was scrolling through the old blog this morning I realised that I’ve been so busy telling you all […]

Playing Old Saint Nic…

This year I’ll be donning my red suit and combing my beard to make sure I’m in tiptop condition, as I shall be transformed into trusty old Saint Nic once again this festive season. If you happen to notice […]

Bringing Christmas cheer to Connaught

I’ll be spreading Christmas cheer in the village of Connuaght on 23rd November in my capacity as Town Crier. If you’ve not heard of this quaint village before, it’s near Marble Arch and I’m excited to get the festivities […]

Switching on Swindon’s Lights

Now here’s a date for your diary, folks: Friday 24th November. For that’s the date when Swindon’s Highworth Christmas lights will be turned on this festive season. Yes, grab yourself a mug of mulled wine and munch on a […]

The Poppy Appeal

Like many people, I like to support the poppy appeal every year. It’s a most deserving cause and this year is no different.
I was in Paddington Station and couldn’t resist buying some poppy cufflinks to support the appeal. […]

Support your local businesses!

I’ve been very lucky lately, for I got to be a model for the day. Step back David Beckham and the youth of today, for your very own lean, mean Town Crying machine had a photo shoot alongside none […]

The Canterville Ghost spotted in the Mall

Breaking news… the Canterville Ghost has been spotted in the Mall… in fact, there have been numerous sightings of him in Malls nationwide. 
Panic not folks, it’s me, your friendly, old (well, less of the old please!) Town Crier. Yes, […]

Hallowe’en at Covent Garden

Hallowe’en is one of my favourite times of the year. I mean, when else does one get the chance to dress up and spend an evening playing ‘trick or treat’? To celebrate Hallowe’en this year I’ll be making a […]

Toasting the National Gallery

What a way to start October! I’ve been schmoozing in the National Gallery, playing toastmaster for multinational corporate money transaction company, P20.  
Toastmaster is one of my favourite roles – from organising events, to introducing speakers and making sure […]