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Do you need to pick a St Nick?

I have a confession to make. Over here at Town Crier HQ I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Christmas. “It’s too early” you may cry, but with a certain supermarket already stocking mince pies and gingerbread whirls […]

Jubilee Market turns 30

I know I’ve mentioned it a lot lately, but Jubilee Market in Covent Gardens is one of my all-time favourite spots in London. This year marked the thirtieth anniversary of the market and, like an old friend, you just […]

  • Alan Myatt at Heathrow Airport
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    Breaking news: Town Crier plastered at Heathrow… and National Express too!

Breaking news: Town Crier plastered at Heathrow… and National Express too!

You may well remember my big news from last year. I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the faces of Heathrow, welcoming discerning travellers back to Blighty. Yes, old muggins here was plastered along the walls […]

The Pearly Kings and Queens of London

Have you ever been to Jubilee Market? It’s a magnificent place in the heart of Covent Garden where food, drink and antiques are in abundance. It’s not only a tourist magnet but also serves as one of the more […]

Birthday Shenanigans

Did I mention it was my birthday last month? It’s not like me to shout it from the rooftops, but I have hit the big six zero. I know, I know, I don’t look a day over 40, it’s […]

Gloucester Carnival

Never one to miss out on a jolly fun event back at base, I donned my Town Crier’s uniform last month to lead the famous Gloucester Carnival procession. In its 81st year, this year was all about the animals… […]

Friend like London

I may have teased you all somewhat in my last blog post, but I can now do the big reveal… drum roll please! I was asked to take part in a social media campaign by none other than Disney!
Yes, […]

Keepin’ mum in the capital

Us Town Criers are used to keeping secrets under our tricorn hats, it’s all part of the job. I’ve got a couple of big gigs coming up in the City of London and while I can’t spill the beans […]

Ditch the BBQ bangers for pigs in blankets!

Yes folks, it’s happened, we’re now closer to Christmas than we are the start of the year. With only five months to go until the big fella climbs down your chimney and eats your mince pies, here are my […]

The Covent Garden Rent Ceremony

The weird and wonderful occasion that is the Covent Garden Rent Ceremony took place on Thursday 23rd June and, as usual, I led the procession along with marvelous jazz band.
We made our merry way round Covent Garden to […]