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Friend like London

I may have teased you all somewhat in my last blog post, but I can now do the big reveal… drum roll please! I was asked to take part in a social media campaign by none other than Disney!
Yes, […]

Keepin’ mum in the capital

Us Town Criers are used to keeping secrets under our tricorn hats, it’s all part of the job. I’ve got a couple of big gigs coming up in the City of London and while I can’t spill the beans […]

Ditch the BBQ bangers for pigs in blankets!

Yes folks, it’s happened, we’re now closer to Christmas than we are the start of the year. With only five months to go until the big fella climbs down your chimney and eats your mince pies, here are my […]

The Covent Garden Rent Ceremony

The weird and wonderful occasion that is the Covent Garden Rent Ceremony took place on Thursday 23rd June and, as usual, I led the procession along with marvelous jazz band.
We made our merry way round Covent Garden to […]

The Russian Summer Ball

You may remember last month I mentioned that one of the events I was most looking forward to this summer was the annual Russian Summer Ball. I even promised you a cheeky roundup of the event, and if there’s […]

International Town Criers’ Day

Monday 10th July was no normal Monday for us Town Criers, for it was International Town Criers’ Day. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I teamed up with Metro to create this wonderful video educating the great British public on […]

A visit to Ely’s

Everyone has their favourite things in life, whether it’s a cheeky lunchtime pint, a takeaway on a Friday night, or maybe even a visit to one of their favourite places. Talking of favourite places, I have to admit that […]

Steve Morgan is the new Mayor of Gloucester

I attended a very exciting event at the end of May, it was the Mayor Making Ceremony for Gloucester City Council. I attended in my specialist capacity as Town Crier and Freeman of the City to watch Steve Morgan […]

Tally Ho London!

It was magnificent to be back in the Capital today, and what better way to celebrate than spending a day at the pub! But this was no leisurely lunch, I assure you I was there for work purposes only! […]

Gloucester Tall Ships Festival

There’s no better way to spend a bank holiday weekend than soaking up the sunshine in the Docks. And of course this one was so magical thanks to the majestic arrival of seven tall ships for our very own […]